With 135 beach umbrellas, 100 beach solariums, 35 beach lounge beds, 5 vela privès and 3 orbit privès, Tayga Beach offers a wide and varied selection of rental options

Each beach umbrella comes with two sunbeads


Our orbit privès provide a comforting and welcoming space while also giving privacy through its innovative and stunning all white design.


Booking with us is easy.

After clicking ‘Book now’ you will be forwarded to the booking page. There you will be able to choose your preferred options on our interactive map of the Beach Club.

Before proceeding with your payment, please make sure to choose the correct date for the booking.

After the booking has been confirmed you will receive a QR code to be shown on arrival to facilitate the check-in process.

Following your check-in, our staff will accompany you to your booked area.

Same day bookings are available until 7:30 am.

Once a booking has been processed, it is non-refundable.

Any bookings that are placed telephonically and not occupied by midday (12am) will be considered null and void.


Our beach solariums include the exclusive Tayga Beach sunbeds. While also offering the possibility to relax in either the sun or shade, while sipping one of our many chilled beverages on offer.


35 stations available, one of the most exclusive moods to experience the tayga beach.
Double beds for two people complete with umbrella, also foldable for those who wish.


Our vele privès can accommodate up to 3 people (adults only). They are also the perfect place to savour champagne and fine cuisine while relaxingly soaking up the sun